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Be inspired to give a unique Bickie-boo© Biscuit Creation. Take a look through the Gallery and contact us on and contact us with your ideas or for help with your order.



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Lips: £3 per presentation pack, plus £3.50 P&P


African Tree Frog: £10, plus £3.50 P&P


Sexy: £9 in a ribbon
tied presentation box,
plus £3.50 P&P


Send a Biscuit Card for a unique birthday greeting. Prices from £7 plus £3.50 P&P


Lightly decorated hearts for a special Tea-time celebration. Prices from 80p, minimum order 6 biscuits plus £2.50 P&P

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Dad in Ginger: £5,
plus plus £3.50 P&P


heartYou Mum! 63cm x 12cm Ribbon tied in beautiful presentation box, £12, plus £3.50 P&P


NOEL tied with ribbon. Customised names from £3 per letter, approximately 13cm x 10cm, plus 3.50 P&P, for your child’s name or any occasion.