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Motte and Bailey Castle

Perfect for boys and tomboys alike! Gather your gallant knights and set up camp defending the Norman invasion in this Motte and Bailey inspired castle.

Easy to construct, impressive design A great party activity for 6 or more guests Centrepiece and cake idea all in one Norman inspired shields complete the look Totally edible Individual activity too with additional shields

Tell us how many guests you have and we can supply individual shields for each guest, all set to pop into the party bag for going home time. Great value for an individual, hand cut and Aga baked gingerbread castle in the unique and very yummy Bickie-boo recipe©.

Castle Kit includes: Keep measures 13cm x 21cm x 13cm and uses 16 pieces of biscuit Bailey uses 12 pieces of biscuit measuring 9cm x 7cm each, totalling over a metre in length when tied together for the bailey surround Shields are 11cm x 16cm and are made up of two pieces. Kit includes 2 pieces of biscuit shape, sweets for decoration and construction and icing bag Full, picture instructions to help you assemble the castle Enough sweets and icing bags for decoration and construction

Help to make your child’s special day full of memories they will never forget.

Motte and Bailey Castle
Price: £30.00 plus £6.95 P&P

Shield pack with individual icing bag
and sweets
Price: £1.95 per set plus £3.00 P&P

Gingerbread Party Bag twins with individual icing bag and sweets
Price: £1.95 per set plus £2.80 P&P 










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Big Party Star House

Dimensions: 28cm x 29cm x 22cm
Party Bag Figures: Bickie 7cm x 9cm, Boo 6cm x 8cm

Plenty to go around for your children's party, great value – perfect for many busy little hands. Get the teddies out for Bickie-Boo® story time around this star of a house. Minutes to construct, hours of fun, helping to make lifelong, warm, fuzzy memories of childhood. Totally edible too!

Our Big Party Star House gives you: Easy, fun party activity for 6 or more guests Central theme and focal point Minimum preparation for you Party bag gift The 'cake' all in one idea!

Tell us how many guests you have coming to the party and we will send you ‘Bickie’ and ‘Boo’ gingerbread biscuit sets, plus icing bags and sweets - plenty for each child’s individual party activity. Great idea for a party bag pressie too.

Party Kit includes: Six individually hand-cut, generously proportioned, Aga baked biscuit pieces using our own ‘Gorgeous Ginger’ c recipe Easy to follow picture assembly instructions and suggested icing recipe Specially written Bickie-Boo R story sheet Sweets and decorations plus icing bags to decorate your party house.

Big Party Star House
Price: £30.00 plus £6.95 P&P

Big Party Star House with Ribbon pack
Price: £31.95 plus £6.95 P&P
Select ribbon colour


Gingerbread Party Bag twins with individual icing bag and sweets
Price: £1.95 per set plus £2.80 P&P











Hearts & Bears Decorating Kit

Ring A Ring A Roses, these bears are sure to charm any heart. Can be used as a surround to a small cake. Or why not place a special toy in the middle?

6 Ready Baked pieces of heart and bear biscuit all tied up with beautiful quality ribbon Comes with an icing tube and sweets to make your decoration complete. Great for littl’uns birthdays, birth of a new baby, get well soon or just as a nice gift for a friend!

Kit includes: 3 baked bears measuring 11cm x 14cm 3 baked hearts measuring 10cm x 10cm Tube of icing Bag of assorted sweets for decoration Ribbon for tying together.

Hearts & Bears Decorating Kit in 'Gorgeous Ginger'©
Price: £8.00 plus £2.80 P&P

Hearts & Bears Decorating Kit in 'Luscious Lemon'©
Price: £8.00 plus £2.80 P&P

Fresh for 12 weeks from delivery. Available in 'Gorgeous Ginger' or ‘Luscious Lemon’©. Fresh for 12 weeks from delivery. Allow 3 working days for delivery from placing order as hand baked. Sending as a gift? Include a personal message with your order.

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